San Lorenzo 52 Steel- Home Away From Home

The first San Lorenzo 52 steel ever built is Seven Sins, which was an outcome of professional cooperation with Sergio Beretta and Mauro Micheli of Officina Italiana Design. The outcome depicts precise attention to details and clean lines that can melt the hearts of yacht lovers.

Generally, San Lorenzo 52 steel succeeds 46 Steel. It was built by Italian shipbuilders and features timeless lines typical for Sanlorenzo Yachts.  Glass is extensively used on board the yacht, and the beach club is equally unique.  It includes several other innovative ideas than the above.

The San Lorenzo 52 steel was built with a lot of passion and designed to meet the needs of the end user at a personal level. The boat can be built very fast on order; it can be ready between 13 and 24 months after placing the order.

hearts of yacht lovers

Unique features

The yacht is designed to pamper all the guests on board and leave a permanent pleasurable impact on them for weeks and even months after a voyage.

It consists of an exterior helm station, which is not found in several other yachts in the same category. The tender drive-in garage equally sets the yacht apart from others. You can easily transform the yacht into a beach club if you so desire with steam room, sauna and even beam gym.

Furthermore, Sanlorenzo 52 steel comes with the under-lower deck, which makes it easy for the crew members to work quietly without ever disturbing any of the guests on board the yacht. The glass bottom swimming pool equally adds to the smart design of the ship. The swimming pool is situated on the main deck, which ensures adequate availability of natural light in the pool.

The other features that make this yacht special are highlighted below:

  • Its overall length is 52 meters
  • Its maximum beam is 9.35 meters
  • Its draught at full load is 2.65 meters
  • Its maximum speed, on the other hand, is 17 knots, while its economic speed is 11 knots
  • It can accommodate up to 12 guests at once
  • It can also accommodate up to 9 crew members.
  • Its fuel tank can take up to 55,000 liters of fuel, and its gross tonnage is about 499 GT.


Sanlorenzo 52 steel is designed to offer nothing short of pleasure and comfort on the high sea. It may be pricey, but it offers good value for money. The inclusions and features in the yacht successfully transform it into a ‘home away from home.’