Understand Why Your Broadband Is Slower Than Expected

Most of us use the internet every day. This is why it is very important that our the internet signal at home should be fast and seamless. When our signal slows down, we call our internet provider right away. But sometimes, we do not usually get upfront answers to our queries. We are often told that everything is working as expected, but it doesn’t.

To help ourselves understand what’s happening, we should know why our broadband slows down. So here are some of the most important reasons to take note of that might answer all of your questions regarding your internet speed:

Signed Up For A Slow Deal.

Before signing up, we are usually offered with different broadband deals. Did you get the best one? If you are not sure then it is time to check your plan or package. Most people who have not upgraded their deals for a while are still on a package that is set at lower speeds. It is important that you compare the current deal that you have with the latest deals find out if you are really getting the best one.

Poor Phone Line Quality.

The quality of your phone line can greatly affect your internet connection. In order to test this accurately, you need to have an engineer to check it out for you. What you can do for now is to check the quality of your line when you are on a call. If it does not sound good, then this would mean that you have a poor phone line quality.


Modem or Router Issue.

Some of us are still using an old modem or router. Remember that this is the device enables our computer to transmit data. In short, both modem and router quality has a huge impact on our internet signal. If we are using an old one, then it is time to upgrade to higher quality hardware. This can improve not only your download speed but also your internet connection as a whole.

Peak Hours.

The time of the day that you are using your internet or when you checked for speed test plays a very important role with your internet speed. The more people using the internet, the lower your speeds will be. So it is best that you check your internet connection at different times of the day for a more accurate result.

Multiple Computer/Device Connections.

How many computers or devices do you have at home? How many of them connect to the internet every day? If multiple devices and computers share a connection in your home, it can slow down your speed. So if you are downloading a file while the other person is streaming 4K videos, it is expected that you will experience a slower internet speed.

Switching Providers – Will That Improve My Speed?

When we have internet speed problems, the first thing that comes into our mind is whether other providers have a better offer for you. Will this improve your internet speed? Well if you not using a cable or fiber connection at the moment and you switch to that from your standard broadband connection, then you will surely feel the speed improvement. However, you also have to take into consideration your location. Yet, it is best if you can switch to fiber optic or cable connection for better broadband speed.