Managing your mobile data even without a subscription

Well, almost everyone out there has a smartphone and they make use of various social media platforms that require active mobile data or Wi-Fi in order to function. But if you are not a heavy user, you can purchase the cheapest subscription for your mobile data. Apart from that, you have ways in which you can actually manage mobile data without having any subscription plan.

How can you do that?

The switch of the automated updates: most of the default setting on the cell phones let the apps to get updates automatically even when they are on mobile data. You need to make sure that the updates are automatic only on Wi-Fi and not on cellular data because this can cost you some extra amount.

The Wi-Fi assist needs to be turned off: some phones might have this feature of Wi-Fi assist, you need to make sure that it is turned off. When this is done, you will automatically save on your mobile data.

The cellular data for individual apps need to be turned off: you might not be aware but there are some apps that make use of the data in the background. So all you need to do is turn off the mobile data usage for these individual apps.

Facebook’s video autoplay feature needs to be turned off: if you do not want to see the Facebook videos playing up automatically, you have an option wherein you can turn it off and it will also benefit you since you can save some cellular. What you will have to do is open your Facebook app on your mobile device, then click on more, account setting, photos, and videos. After this, you will find the Autoplay feature which you will have to turn off or you can keep it going only when you are connected to the Wi-Fi.