Four questions you ask to a custom software developer to determine their quality of service

Majority of businesses nowadays understand how important it is in placing a well-oiled software or program to smoothen their business operations, as well as optimizing the workflows and quicker response to emergency situations, reaching deals quicker than before and improved customer service.

This software has become lifeblood of most enterprises and in fact, there are a lot of enterprises already that based their business models on a software.

However, there are still businesses out there that underestimates the capability of business software and its scope required to roll out custom software development on how it really works. Many of them also create the mistake of entrusting in developing to an already overworked and also overburdened IT team in a company who have their time full of tasks for the enterprise they are working on which is why having a custom software development in your company is not just essential but also a good requirement that contributes to its future success.

Before you decide to purchase a software and hire a custom software development company, you should be intricate on this kind of investment knowing that there are a lot of developers out there who are not that capable of serving your needs, so here are some key questions that you can ask a developer to determine if they are worthy or not from


  • Ask them about their policies on copyright- We all know that copyright infringement is a huge criminal act in the digital world so make sure that if you are paying to acquire this software that is written, the developer should also hand over all the copyrights in the system at the end of the project term. There are many untrustworthy companies out there who lures customer to sign a contract where they only submit a license without copyright.
  • How will they build your system on top of any other platforms? A reputable developer will build your system with an all new code that follows standard tools and libraries specifically designed for your business needs. There are many developers out there who builds systems on top of a third-party platforms to reduce cost which could lead to problems in terms of maintenance and licensing knowing that you share the same platform with fellow businesses.
  • Is your system dependable on third-party libraries? Reputable custom software developers will answer you with yes, but they will make sure that you can purchase licenses for the system that you acquired which has a clear cost to it. There are a lot of powerful libraries available for developers and this will make them more effective.
  • Will they provide a source code control? All code written by the developer should be placed into a central source code control system that can be backed up regularly for maintenance and safekeeping. If the software is being coded or written by a team, the team members that took part in completing it will be shared with the code in between them only. Source-code control systems are very easy to use and are widely used by professional developers.