Velvetech: A Remarkable Custom Software Development Company

Velvetech Technology Potential Realized is a veteran software development company that has been serving their development skills to numerous established enterprises, startups, and SMBs.

Velvetech has been reigning supreme over the software development industry for over 20 years, by delivering more than thousand projects to various clients that are present across the globe.

software development industry

Ever since its inception and its venture into the software development industry, it has gained vast experience by developing an excess of software developments in the various sectors like,

  • Transport companies
  • Education institutions
  • Financial management services
  • Insurance firms
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Information Technology
  • Call centers
  • Real estate businesses
  • Energy sectors
  • Telecommunications

They have extensively worked in the domains of Java, dot net, PHP, C++, MySQL, and Python to perfectly process solutions and build technology to become credible partners to clients. The company also includes well-trained tech-savvy teams who develop effective custom software that is user-friendly and copeson all platforms to help partners adapt to new technologies.

The major partners to whom we have delivered our custom software development services include IBM, Microsoft, Hyatt, Apache, BBM online, AMA, etcetera.

Features of Velvetech:

Web technology solutions:

We boast the presence of prominent teams skilled in planning, designing, deploying, and releasing all kinds of scalable or complex web technology projects like e-commerce platforms, B2B and B2C solutions, Enterprise web development, and CMS development.

Software Development

Velvetech can efficiently develop several servers based and standalone software. These are completely custom software programmed with continued technical support. The software services rendered so far confine enterprise software integration, customized application maintenance and support customer enterprise software development.

Mobile application development

There are firms who seldom have any mobile applications; we have experts in developing mobile platforms and apps to match your benefits through mobile opportunities.

The mobile development applications include android application development, iOS development, windows phone app development and the enterprise mobile app development.

Regarding the development processes if you have to avail further assistance you can contact the company’s email address or the phone number provided. Our experts will get in touch with you ASAP to serve cost-free estimations and consultations.

Implementation of software development

Velvetech follows effective rubrics in producing custom developed software. The rubric consists:

  • Pitching idea

After receiving the estimated quotation, customer pitches in with the requirements for  the software.

  • Development

The development consists of:

  1. Design: The experts design the required module by the customers. It is prototype model which can be altered later.
  2. Develop/Coding:The development team or programming team accepts the design plan and start coding to deploy the required model. The developed model is passed on to QA.
  3. Testing and QA: This team will go through all the testing and quality analysis for checking whether the software is user-friendly, good in quality and can work efficiently. If there are any failures, it is sent back to developers to be tweaked. Then it’s passed to support.
  4. Support: The support team provides support to the software so that they are able to execute its performances without any sort of hassle.
  5. Launch: When each and every part of the developed software is precise, the product is launched and it goes live.


Velvetech utilizes every engineering skill that they possess to come up with custom software that is developed to help clients and meet their expectations.