Potty training for little angels

Raising a child can be lot of fun and a dream come true for millions of parents. However, as the child grows teaching the regular habits of cleanliness like food eating, brushing teeth, doing potty and cleaning themselves can become a pain for many parents. Most little one’s start walking on their feet in the first year, and thus making them toilet trained becomes essential. The process of becoming toilet trained depends on the way you teach them. The Zindelijkheidstraining is the word for potty training in the Dutch.

potty training

How important is potty training?

The cleanliness or neatness is what makes a child live healthy and a parent happy. As a parent, you are always busy trying to keep the child clean and pretty. Cleaning nose, keeping them fresh, washing hands, wiping floor and maintaining discipline are the primary things which you think to do. However, teaching the right place to pee and poop is very essential. This will reduce your burden of cleaning and also, help your child learn important morals. Thus, it is very important to give potty training or Zindelijkheidstraining to children.

How to start?

Potty training is the way in which you supervise the child to become clean. You help the child learns the right place to defecate and urinate. This will teach him how to gain control over his need. A child who is trained can learn to pee and do poop only when he or she finds the right place to defecate. This way, it will save the embarrassment for parents too; your child will not bother you with unplanned natural urgencies. The potty training can be started at an ideal of 18 to 20 months. The children of this age tend to learn faster and are eager in learning new things of life.

Making the right start of potty training for children can help you from stress. Many schools demand parents to teach potty training before admitting in their schools. Hence, as a parent your burden of teaching the essential part of life gets completed. Go in the step by step approaching of tutoring the kids. First and most important thing for a parent is to maintain patience and show love. As a child, they may not learn as fast as you expect. But, sooner or later they will get in this habit of shitting at the right place.

Four step plan:

  • Firstly, make your child sit on a cosy pot. Make your child sit in that position for urinating, defecating and cleaning. This way, make him use the pot whenever, you think they might defecate.
  • Be cool and patience, if you do not observe the changes way too soon. Let the child understand the process by his own way.
  • Developing a routine is very vital aspect of this journey. Make your child practice few times in a day. This, process will also allow them remember what to do when they are able to do by themselves.
  • Following the day schedule, the night pattern follows. Make sure your child learns how to pee in the pot at night too. This way, ensure that the child develops the habit of cleanliness.