Do Domains really expire?

Domain names are nothing but the identity of your online business. Whether you are planning to make a website to promote yourself or willing to venture into a new business of domain trading, making a purchase of good and high quality domains is in itself quite benefitting. However, before you take the first steps, it is vital that you understand the process of domain expiration, the factors involved, and the steps to overcome it.

How to buy expired domains? There are many different ways to find the current details of expiring domains; the most proven ways is to contact a domain registrar to get a list of potential domain names which have expired. It is the registrar who has the authority to withhold a domain name that is not renewed well within time. Ideally, when you receive the list of the domain names that are expiring, then you would need to go through a certain process that is designated by the registrar itself. This process differs from one domain registrar to the another and hence it becomes imperative to gain a comprehensive know-how of these registrars before you send in any domain purchase requests to them.

process of domain expiration

How to buy expired domains? There are basically four steps that any domain name needs to go through in order to be completely in-hold of the registrar and to be declared as expired. This process is termed as the expiring domains which includes the –

  • Active status of the domain
  • On hold status of the domain
  • Redemption period given to the domain name
  • Pending delete information

The process of domain expiration is not an easy task but one that encompasses the owner to be alert enough to renew the domain name that is nearing expiry. There are many businesses who tend to lock their domains for almost three or five or even ten years at once. They are in the lock in period and this act as their double sword. However a domain name is declared expired only after it completes the fourth stage of pending complete status. After this, the domain is available for purchase from the registrar. In any case if the domain name is not in the locked status, then it can be purchased directly as well.