A place is a good place to live in if all the needs are easily accessible. It will be considered even more the best place if you have more amenities near to it. These days people have become so busy, that if they want to take a break off from their busy schedule, they cannot travel miles and miles to just watch a movie and relax for about three hours or so. Keeping in mid all these, when the mega project, The Rivercove EC Residences were started, they were started in a location where all the amenities with the highest quality are in the close vicinity of the project. Here is a list of the pick few amenities that are near the project area and are easily accessible:

Rivercove EC Residences

  • The Seletar Mall, Singapore:
    This Seletar Mall is one those first malls in the North Eastern part of Singapore to have a Movie Theatre in the mall. This particular mall has got each and everything that a man might need in his life time. From all the famous shopping brands like F and B to most loved coffee shops and eateries like The Coffee Bean and Starbucks, the mall is like a one stop place for everything.
  • The Compass One Mall:
    This particular mall was actually originally called as the Compass point and it was a main center of interaction for many people. The mall is even geographically located at the Town Center of the Sengkang Town. When it was formally named Compass Point, it was more like an educational hub rather than a place for recreation. The storeys of the mall are also named in the same fashion. The basement of the mall was named Oceania, the ground floor was named Asia, the second floor was called as Europe, the third was termed as America and the last was called as Africa. It is actually more fun to explore all the continents (floors) and get to know more.
  • Waterway point:
    This is that one mall which is built on or more precisely near the Punggol Reservoir. This was actually a part of the Punggol reservoir first half of the project. You can witness the water reservoir of the Punggol project and the view in the night is even more amazing as the lighting brightens up the place.
  • The Rivervale Mall:
    This particular Mall is located at the Rivervale Cresent Road of the Sengkang District of Singapore. It has all the recreational centers and along with these recreational centers, it is also a hub for technical development. The mall house around 11 big companies and they have their regular meetings and discussion there. The architecture of the mall is also quite appealing and it is a great place to spend time.

It is actually a proud thing to state that the project, The Rivercove EC Residences is located very close to all these high class amenity structures which are a hub for everything.