Personal Injury Claim for Factory Accident

While it is truly said that a personal accident claim works on a number of areas, in case of a factory accident the scene can be different. Generally in case of auto accident claim an insurance policy gives 2/3 of the average weekly wages under the category of Temporary Total Disability. This section is applied when the said person is partially physically not in a condition to work in a stipulated period of time.

However, there are cases when things don’t work out only with the insurance coverage one has got. In such a case – especially long term partial disability or permanent disability, one has to make a personal injury claims. These cases are fought in the court room by an auto accident attorney and generally take 2- 3 years to wind up. Here, let us see what kind of claims one can seek:

Factory Accident Claims

Types of Factory Accident Claims

  • Lifting Heavy Objects: In those factories where manual handling of heavy objects is required and there are potentially good chances of back injury, neck and shoulder injury, arm and foot injury; this kind of claim can be put forward. This kind of claim can be made keeping in point the view that lifting of a certain object could have been very well avoided.
  • Forklift Truck Accidents: In the situation of forklift truck accidents where improper personal protective equipment have not been provided and accident has occurred; one can file a case of claim for personal accident.
  • Tripping and Fall – Off: In a manufacturing unit, spillage of chemicals or cleansers can happen. These can very well damage the worker in case he/she slips off. There can be a claim for this too, if it causes partial disability to work for certain duration of time.
  • Industrial Diseases: Industrial diseases do make a part of damages caused to body and mind. The diseases which can be covered under industrial diseases include deafness, occupational dermatitis, occupational asthama, latex allergies, asbestos related illness, hand arm vibration syndrome (including vibration white finger) and other caused due to chemicals, dust, fumes and other harmful substances being used in a factory.

It must be understood over here that any kind of damage caused in an industry due to unguarded or not well maintained machinery or untrained operators can be claimed under personal injury for factory accident. So, anyone who has undergone such a mis-happening can very well make a claim for compensation with the help of a legal solicitor or in other words an auto accident attorney. (One can hire a legal solicitor from any of the legal firms to fight the case. In case, one is not able to bear the fees of the legal solicitor, one can take the help of Govt. Solicitor who can fight the case for no fees or very nominal fees. A professional will go the extra mile, to investigate the incident for a better result.  He will ensure to highlight certain facts so that the case turns in your favor. Since the professional is certified and qualified to handle cases he will be able to achieve positive results.