Jay Sekulow: Meet The Man Behind The Suit

Jay Alan Sekulow – a very popular name indeed. Not only because he is part of the personal legal team of the current president of the United States. He is also a well-respected broadcaster, an author, a radio and television host, and a family man. He has received numerous awards and has accomplished so much in his life.

            But who is he? It is time to look back to where he started, what changed in his life through the years, and what has brought him to be at where he is now. He is a very successful man and many looks up to him. Let us go ahead and see what made him The Jay Alan Sekulow.

Jay Alan Sekulow

Education Accomplishments And Early Career

            He was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Like a regular teenager, he attended Lakeside High School in Georgia. And as soon as he went to Atlanta Baptist College, he grew an interest in Christianity. He was then converted after he learned and encountered Jews for Jesus, a non-profit Messianic Jewish organization. He then proceeded to finish his Ph. D at Regent University.

Like fresh-graduate attorneys, Sekulow experienced working for the Office of Chief Counsel for IRS or Internal Revenue Service as a tax trial lawyer. He also hosts a radio program, “Jay Sekulow Live!.” He is a host of a television news program ACLJ This Week airing on Trinity Broadcasting Network.

His Achievements and Accomplishments

            He is no doubt one of the most successful men these days. He was part of the National Law Journal Power List in 1994. He was then known as one of the most influential legal public servants by The American Lawyer’s Public Sector 45 in 1997. Sekulow was also profiled together with the most successful men and was part of the “90 Greatest Washington Lawyers of the Last 30 Years” by the Legal Times.

Jay Alan Sekulow – Where He Is Now In His Career?

            While being the current Chief Counsel for the ACLJ or the American Center for Law and Justice, his ultimate aim is to defend any constitutional as well as religious rights. He presented numerous oral arguments 12 times before the Supreme Court of the United States. Through the years, he has won constitutional freedoms.

            He is also one of the regular guests of 700 Club as well as the CBN News. All of these appearances are with regards to his experiences and the work of ACLJ for the defense of life and liberty. He still hosts the ” Jay Sekulow Live!” And the “ACLJ This Week.” Because of his dedication, he is one of the best defenders when it comes to life and religious liberties in the United States of America.