What you always wanted to know about whey protein

The market of sports supplementation has experienced an exponential boom in recent years, establishing a high competition between different manufacturers, which also offer a high variety of products, in different formats, shapes and colors.

How to know if a protein is the most excellent

In these times, perform a preliminary study of a product that we want to buy, based on a number of factors, we can assume to be a benefit a priori.

How much protein do I need?

As I mentioned before, first study, and then buy … So, the first thing we have to observe, if we want to optimize, would be to know the amount of protein supplements you need per day.

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It could be said (I open umbrellas …) that the intake of protein is very overvalued, in the sense of eating a high amount in each meal, sometimes recommended by certain gurus, without stopping to think that anyone could pay attention to them, and that going deeper into the other 2 macros (carbohydrates and fats), we can perform an effective global caloric calculation for each subject, taking into account their subjective qualities (body composition) and activity (purpose and objective), resulting in achieving performance enhancement, losing fat or Increased muscle mass.

Type of protein according to the origin of the raw material

We can distinguish in this first classification essentially two types ( animal , plant ). Within each group different types are differentiated, depending on the source. This fact will condition the choice of one or the other depending on our type of diet. For those who are starting to take supplements, a concentrate can be a good choice because of its cost-benefit and taste. However, many people may have difficulty digesting this protein because it contains lactose (the exact amount of lactose will depend on the particular product and digestion will also depend on whether it contains digestive enzymes or not in the formulation). It can be used practically throughout the day (it assimilates in about 2-3 hours).