Health And Abortion: What Can Be Effect Of Abortion On Health

Abortion is term denoting an activity which can either be spontaneous or induced. An induced kind of absorption activity is a planned one. It simply signifies termination of pregnancy in a planned manner. While another aspect is the spontaneous one; which denotes a miscarriage or an uncertain action.

Problems after Abortion

Categories of Problems after Abortion

Health and abortion are two correlated terms and facets. There are several adverse effects faced after the abortion process. Incomplete abortion in many cases leads to infections and bleeding. This is a result when fetal parts are not totally collapsed from the uterus. Also, abortions are a major cause of blood clots and heavy bleeding in uterus. Clotting of blood causes cramping and heavy bleeding can be treated by some medication and treatments. Anesthesia risks also accompany abortion but these are the cases found only in 1 out of 1500 abortions.

Effect on Mental Health

Every individual is a different person and has different emotional reaction towards abortion. After this abortion process, a lady may have both positive and negative feelings. Also, some may have both at the same point of time. Some may feel a sense of relax and relief with the fact that the intense procedure is yet over. But on the other hand, the other women may have a sad feeling of what kind of choices she has moved on. Some may have a feeling of emptiness or guilt or would try to ponder over her decisions again and again.

Some woman may overcome with the feeling and move on in their lives while the others may have guilt on their own decisions. In the cases when a woman has no support from his family and friends, she turns into a bit irritant one. The lady who faces the condition needs to be pampered well so that she can move on with the decisions taken. Health and abortion are the aspects which can ruin or even make a women’s life. If intensive care is taken and the family is supportive, no matter in this universe can make a women depressed while another side of the coin is the negative behavior towards a women. Negativity causes one to lead a life of depression and anxiety which isn’t preferable.