Benefits and Uses of Raw Almonds and Why You Should Buy It in Bulk

Almonds from a long time are believed to be a rich in protein diet. It is an oval shape nut which has a distinctive flavor and off-white in color. You can find it any grocery store, but the prices of the almonds depend on the place from where you are buying it. The raw almonds are those which are cooked or baked they are simply manufactured from the place they are grown. When you buy a pack of raw almonds it might cost you more but when you buy raw almonds per pound, the price of the packets goes slightly lower. It is also believed that raw almonds are good for brain growth.

Benefits of consuming raw almonds


Benefits of consuming raw almonds

When you opt to have a bunch of raw almonds daily from the packet of almonds you have successfully moved a step forward in maintaining your diet which will yield multiple health benefits. Here are the benefits of consuming raw almonds.

  • Raw almonds are rich in high potassium and low sodium that helps in maintaining blood pressure
  • They also help in controlling the cholesterol in the body
  • It cures several heart problems and is considered as a heart-healthy food
  • Raw almonds are also rich in calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus contents that help in building bones

A bag of almonds contains around 380-400 pieces and if you are really fond of having it you should buy raw almonds bulk to reduce the cost while buying.

How almonds can be used?

Raw almonds can be used and utilized in many ways such as with milk, in cooking vegetables and many more. Other than this you can use raw almonds in making cookies, in breakfast with milk, in cakes and brownies, in the cooking of rice, raw almond parmesan, in ice-creams, and in almost everything. You can crush the almonds and use it in both veg and non-veg dishes. Apart from keeping the food delicious, it also helps in maintaining health.