The concepts of stocks and shares are not much known to everybody. So, they fall into false hopes. They are quite unique so also need a proper explanation.

stock substitute


There are people who are still unaware of the stock trading option. There are traders who think that the position in stock options are a stock substitute that is made up of higher leverages and are also less dependent on the capital. The options are the bets that are made in the form of the price of the stock, sometimes similar to the stock itself. There are also some other features in the context of the stocks that are quite necessary to remember


There are usually two options available, namely the calls and puts. Buying a call option can be a great one for the people who need to have rights yet no obligations to the purchase of the stocks. However, if one goes with the put option, there is right with the person and there are no obligations in terms of selling the stocks at the stricken price before the expiration of the due date.


Premium is the term given to the price of the options. The person who is buying the option can never lose more than the available initial amount paid. So, the risk is never a great one. The amount of the profit gained is also unlimited. When the premium is received by the buyer, the seller has got to assume the risk of delivering. But there is a necessity of that stock being covered by some other in order to reduce the risk. If this criterion is not fulfilled, it will cause a great loss.


People are quite ignorant about learning the stock options trading minutely. There is a huge difference between the stocks and the options. The former is only liable to give a small piece of ownership in the total business. While the latter is the one that focuses n giving the person a right to purchase the stocks on a specific day by its specific price. The two people engaged in the transactions are the buyers and the sellers. So, whenever there is a buyer of the call or the put option, there is someone else involved in selling it.

During selling, it is important to note the security that was not assembled beforehand. This is a major form of option which is termed as the “writing” option.

So, it is clear that the stock options trading are equal to that of gambling. Yet, not that dirt! However, there is an involvement of great brains with the tie-ups and services form the websites who can give regular trade alerts to make the business a profitable one.