The best criteria for a “great movie”

Here is a list of 10 ingredients needed for a “great movie”

A good story:

 A great movie must have a good plot that tells an intriguing and unusual story.


 Some element of the movie should keep the audience on the edge and make them anticipate a solution impatiently.


 The film must present a new concept or idea that has hardly been explored by its predecessors. A certain amount of creativity and innovation must invent content never seen before.

. Good Actors / Good Cinematography:

 No matter how great the work of the writers who came up with a story, it must be correctly executed. The actors must convince the audience that they are the characters they are portraying, and the camera crew must capture the scenes in a way that best illustrates the story.

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. Profound Message:

 Within history, we must highlight a particular moral or ethics. *

. Realism / Precision

: A great movie should portray events, people, etc., as they are in a configuration of real words despite controversial issues. The actions and interactions must be credible, plausible and, at least, somewhat relatable.

Good Cinematography

. Good Marco :

 The characters must be placed within an environment that contributes to their actions and interactions while emphasizing the themes and moods of the film. The landscape should be pleasant to the eyes, as long as the main focus of the scene is not removed.

. Sound band:

I strongly subscribe to the adage “music is the language of the soul”. The sound should complement the images, but also help to convey the emotion of each scene. If these two aspects contradict each other, each element will be separated in opposition to the other.

Composition :

Everything must be arranged in a comprehensive manner that sustains the story.

. Special effects:

 The cinematographic images must maintain professional quality and stimulate the public. Special effects must be used appropriately when they complement the emotion of each scene and support the setting.

* Morals or ethics do not have to be pleasant, directly stated, proven true (in the film), or even make sense; It just has to resonate in the mind of the audience.