Simple Ways To Increase Your Followers On Spotify

The music industry is getting on its peak and a lot of platforms are coming as well. One of the biggest names in the industry is Spotify. It is a platform for music lovers or music enthusiasts who want to showcase their music. This social network can be the best way if you want to explore the realm of music in every possible way. This app brings music together of different genres, presents, and connect new artists. The platform has more to offer not only for avid listeners but, also for new artists and veterans. Here are some ideas on how you could take full advantage of the new feature on Spotify for artists.

Music Platform for Artists

Spotify has a new feature for aspiring artists and veterans. There are also different plans that you can avail to promote your music. But, before you could proceed on the promotional plan, understand how it works. For most times, the network recommends submitting your song weeks before your release. This will give you the best chance to be part on an official playlist. After then, you should describe your song including its genre. This is the most important part as it opens an opportunity to confirm your track. Also, the platform curators would have an idea why they should take your track on trend.

Spotify Promo Studio

Create Your Artist Profile

The music platform for artists or musipromo is the easiest tool to promote your new music. You only need to avail the plan and follow the rules stated on the network. Thus, comply with all the field used to ask you to describe your music and the meaning behind it. Spotify gives a strong description of exactly what they are promoting. And the curators will favor those who make their profile as detailed as possible. So, take time to add some great imagery on your artist profile. Your artist page is an area where the playlist curators often visit for promotion.

Avail The Spotify Promo Studio

Spotify has changed the way they used to showcase new artists. They are now offering the most convenient and effective promotional services. You can now get verified as an artist who wishes to promote new tracks. By subscribing their ad studio, it will be easy for you to create and manage ads. Their new advertising platform creates audio ads of 30 seconds or less for your music. Listeners would hear your music clip during ad breaks of each song. And along with the ad, there will be a clickable image linked to direct listeners to your page. This would help showcase your page and tracks for each user to follow on.

In Conclusion

Spotify for artists is the best tool to promote your music. But, the network may not pay out a lot for the streams you gain. It is a democratic social network which gives artists an equal chance for success. Spotify has the algorithm that suggests what tracks deserved to be heard by users.