Three Ways You Can Get The Most Views On Your Online Post

Ronn Torossian reveals three reasons why no one reads your post and explains how to change that and get more views. He is a PR guru and the founder/CEO of 5W Public Relations with offices in New York and Los Angeles. In this article, Torossian tells you about how you can write and edit your articles and online posts to generate more traffic towards your website and the mistakes you can avoid.

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So you have worked really hard and the result is a brilliant and well-written article that has been edited and is ready to go live online. In fact, you have checked the content twice-thrice but five minutes after you post it, aside from one comment from a relative, you do not see any reaction to your post.

Don’t panic, there are three major reasons why your content is not generating any comments, likes, and shares.These reasons are listed below along with points on how you can keep that from happening again.

  1. Wrong Timing:

Chances are that if the entire population of online users is chatting about one topic in particular and you bring out some wisdom about an unrelated topic you will hear nothing, no clicks. Maybe there is something wrong with the concept of your piece but this is not news to you. Even Ronn Torossian cannot write a great piece to overcome any initial interest. The way you can fix this is, by conducting proper research and doing your homework. Find out what the current hot topic is and what people want to read. Grab a niche and dominate it, this will get your post a lot of views.

  1. Bad headline:

Search engines provide you with ideas for a headline and nothing else. If your headline does not manage to capture the attention of the reader then you are likely to be overlooked. If you think about it, we have all done it; you see a list of options and search for the one that grabs your attention. But, it is not just you, everybody who does this. So, the solution to this is giving the audience what they want, that is, attention-grabbing titles. Once you have their attention you can deliver them with good content.

  1. Confused Content:

Speaking of content, when a writer thinks about ideas and how to formulate those ideas into words he/she can get really frustrated, and it is totally justifiable since thinking of fresh, original content can be very frustrating. But what is more annoying is when you create good content that should get a good response, gets nothing; no views or comments or shares. The reason behind this can be that the headline does not match the content or even worse the content does not have a point.There is no flow within the article and readers eventually lose interest. The solution to this is, that you need to give the people something that they can use now, you can do so by sticking to relevant, actionable content.

Ronn Torossian has brilliantly explained how to get online views for your content in the above points; hopefully, you can use them for the articles that you will write in the future.