Ronn Torossian the brain behind 5WPR

Gone are the days  when there was huge gap between the media and the people and the time consumed for any sort of news to reach the people or to know about any client it use to take long time say a day, a week and even a month.  In the modern days things has become easier with certain popular PR firms and certain tools  information seekingon brands, clients, products has become easier.  5WPR is one among them founded by Ronn Torossian.

Foundation for 5WPR

5WPR:- The leading PR firms owned by the most respected public relations professionals in America, who has been recognised with many awards. He has been named as PR executive of the year by American business, Awards and Emst & young. He has reached till semifinals in Entrepreneur of the year among others and also serves as chief marketing officer and advisory board member for Jet smarter, member of young president organization (YPO). He has worked On PR programs for clients including Whole Foods, Coca-Cola, Microsoft Evian Natural Spring Water IHOP and for high profile individuals and academic agencies etc.

Foundation for 5WPR:- Finding lot of room for innovation, growth and change Ronn Torossian started 5WPR over 15 years ago as one man operation, today 175 peopleare part of the firm and he still believes there is lot of scope for innovation, growth and change. The name 5WPR- stands forthe 5W’s of marketing- Who, What, When, Where and Why. The importance of prioritising what is most important has been taught by a client many years ago whichsays just because it’s urgent for someone else it doesn’t mean it’s urgent for you and he strongly believes in it and focuses on what matters to client and what matters to 5WPR.

  • Working really hard is the secret of success and he believes in the same as it was told by his mother.

Giving back of 10% from what he receives makes him more productive as he strongly believes giving back to others will fetch you more. Charity is the variable for success. He believes in complete transparency which leads to driving results.