Difference Between Code Readers and Scan Tool

Think that you have your cars for years. There was something wrong happened then you picked up a code reader so you could start working on your computer stuff which is greatly foreign to you. But when you hold the thing, scan tools come on your mind. You realize that it’s not capable of doing what you need to do. What makes a scan tool and a code scanner differ from each other, anyway? Which one should you buy?

Code reader and scan tool seem to be the same as most people see it. There are not any difficult rules as to what comprises a code reader and what qualifies as a scan tool but there always been a few things that set them apart. Code readers feature basic code reading and code clearing functionality but that’s something a scan tool can also do. Thus, how to choose the right OBD2 scanner should be given attention for the right scan tool pick up.

Code Readers vs. Scan Tools


One of the simplest diagnostic tools you can find for a car is a code reader. A code reader is a device designed to interface with a car’s computer. The same tool is designed to report trouble codes in a simple way. Before, there are OBD-I code readers to be used for cars and trucks built prior to 1996. Today, most vehicles have OBD-II port and thus required to have OBD2 code readers as well.

Code readers are typically inexpensive. Some stores and shops of this device may even have free code reading so no single penny will be out in your pocket. A car code reader can read and clear codes and may even display trouble code names, freeze frame data and readiness monitor status, a car code reader may also read and display live data and is capable of resetting readiness monitors but there are also a few things the device can’t do. Continue reading

3 Useful Tips When Buying a Multimeter

Whether you are an industrial, commercial or residential electrician, there is always a good electrical diagnosing tool with great features to make your job a lot easier. Any electrical environments need a multimeter to match your needs. But when uptime matters, you should go digital. Let the best digital multimeters take the load off your shoulder.

Why Opt for Digital Multimeters

Digital multimeters are packed with more tool belts, features and able to find more problems than any other competing test tools. The design of the product is tested and proven to be extreme either in drop, shock or humidity and gives you everything you need in achieving accurate measurements, consistency, reliable performance, safety, and durability. The role of digital multimeter is simple: you can put tools near live electrical panels without burning your body.

With digital multimeters, you can display meter measurements, see the readings even from wireless modules and free yourself from the risk of arc flash and shocks by separating yourself from dangerous measurement situations. One other great advantage of digital multimeter is its capacity to send measurement data to mobile devices so you can save and share measurements anytime, anywhere.

From heavy-duty electrical problem testing, safety ratings and easy to carry diagnosing tools, you can rely everything on digital multimeters making them the best multimeters around for whatever applications it may serve.

How to Buy the Best Multimeters

When times comes you are highly in need of multimeters, don’t just jump and buy immediately the one you like without finding the reasons what makes that tool great. Bear in mind that only poor-minded people think that way. In order to buy the best digital multimeters, you need to know many things first. You need to know what to select and why you should choose it.

Wise buyers think thousand times before making a purchase decision, by considering the useful tips below, you can help yourself to become one. Continue reading

The Best Air Fryers For You

If you are interested in buying an air fryer, you might want to consider the brand, features, and price that comes with the air fryer that you want. Since there are many types of air fryers in the home appliances industry, it is difficult to find the right one for you. Read this post to see what is the best air fryer for you. Find one that would be able to fulfill all your kitchen needs and wants.

1. Philips HD9220/26 Air Fryer

When it comes to air fryers, the Philips HD9220/26 is one of the best in the market. For both new users and returning customers, the Philips air fryer has features that are readily available for everyone. It also has the most positive reviews in the market – it shows just how much people adore this appliance.

What makes the Philips Air Fryer a step above other competing brands is that it focuses on its strengths. It makes sure that it adequately provides the primary function, which is to make exquisite dishes without changing the taste or texture of the food. Aside from that, the Philips HD 9220/26 also comes with an appealing appearance that makes it blend in your home.

Aside from its looks and primary function, it also comes with other benefits. It has a self-timer so you can cook your food without much manual control. It also has an adjustable temperature control system that varies from different degrees – you can choose whatever temperature is perfect for your next dish.

2. Avalon Bay AB-Airfyer100B Air Fryer

Avalon Bay AB-Airfyer100B Air Fryer

Among all of the air fryers in the market, the Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer comes with the best price tag. Don’t be fooled by its low price because it can still keep up with more expensive products. For people who want a handy air fryer that won’t hurt their pocket, then this is the perfect appliance for you.

Aside from its surprising price tag, this air fryer also comes with its fan technology. It is a distinct feature that removes oil and fat from your food without hurting the taste or texture of your dish. It also has varying degrees of available temperature control, so you can choose how much temperature you’ll have.

Continue reading

Tips To Properly Use Your Cordless Impact Driver

A cordless impact driver is the kind of impact driver that doesn’t require long cords that you have to plug in whenever you’re going to use them. Cordless impact driver could be powered by a battery that rechargeable or just a simple replaceable battery at all.

Impact driver, as we all know, can provide different and several kinds of uses. It is a heavy duty tool for those that is working on construction and automotive industry.

Whether it is for fixing, removing or attaching something by using of nuts, bolts, drill bits or with any other different kind of bits, the best cordless impact driver can help you do it easily with its unbeatable torque and power.

The undoubted cordless impact driver can help you do your attachment or removal and be fixing easily, quickly and effortlessly.

Although cordless impact driver is a tool with so many uses and can provide a high-quality performance when it comes to working with attaching tools, we still need to remember and must not forget that this is an impact driver or a tool with high torque and an equipment that you cannot use easily.

The cordless impact driver is used by the experienced and knowledgeable crew of home, automotive and construction industry which is a very difficult and tricky industry.

Using a cordless impact driver could be a very hard task and it means that it demands certain knowledge and precaution before starting to use it, especially if you’re a beginner seeking for a fast work.

For everyone’s safety, the following is provided for you to guide your worn on the usage of your cordless impact driver:

  1. Prepare Your Self

Before anything else, you need to prepare yourself, because most of the working and all of the working and responsibility will depend on you.

Think if you can do the obligation and the responsibility properly, before getting the start, we don’t want to waste our time doing a thing that you can’t finish because it turns out that you’re not really responsible enough to finish what you’ve started. Continue reading

Tips To Select the Best Air Fryer

When buying an air fryer, there are a lot of things to get in mind aside from the benefits you can get from having one. Some of these include energy consumption, price, capacity and size. Each feature varies depending on the brand. It is wise to meticulously check the specific air fryer that you want to buy according to your preferences because the consequences of having this high technology kitchen appliance might be surprising if you didn’t get yourself aware of them. When considering an air fryer, it’s best to read some air fryer reviews.

Tips To Select the Best Air Fryer

So how do you choose an air fryer that would fit your preferences? Here are few items to consider:

Cost – The price of an air fryer depends on many aspects aside from its brand and size. Some air fryers might have additional features that make them more expensive. Thus, you need to consider if you really needed those additional features, or just stick to your budget and find affordable ones.

Size – If your kitchen is not large enough, then you have to find a smaller air fryer. There are a lot of air fryers in the market that you can choose from according to your available kitchen space. You can also look for them online. Continue reading