Make Your Home Healthier and Cost Efficient

You must want to add value to your home! There are some really good points that can add value to your home, and your home ultimately improves your quality of life.

Let’s have an eye on:

1. Install Dehumidifier at Your Home.

Using dehumidifier at your home can be of great benefit. Dehumidifier improves the conditions of the home remarkably. It makes the home healthy and livable by extracting excessive moisture from your home. High range of humidity is uncomfortable and harmful for health. Excess humidity is detrimental to the structure of the home as well. Dehumidifier will help improving your home conditions in many ways:

  • Dehumidifier will eliminate allergy and dust bug.
  • It prevents home from pests.
  • Protects valuable belongings of the home.
  • Prevents deformation and corrosion.
  • Safeguards electronics items.
  • Eliminates smell of the space.
  • Upholds healthy conditions.

2. Make Insulation of Your Home Energy-Efficient.

window and doorIf your home doesn’t have basic insulation, and there are old doors that induce plenty of cold and hot air, then you not get good price while selling. In such case, the home inspector working with your potential buyers will add this in his report. Therefore, home should be modified with energy efficiency in mind.

If you want to update your home for saving energy, it doesn’t cost huge money but doing so can make your house more attractive to potential buyers. For instance, adding an extra insulation to your attic will cost you an amount but this small change will save you hundreds every year on the utility bills.

You can often see evidence of leaks in some areas. These areas need more efficient insulation.

The following areas can be mentioned for such cases:

  • In the basement
  • Around windows and doors
  • Around switch boards and electrical sockets
  • In lower-level lighting
  • Near the attic hatch
  • Ducts areas or wires that go outside.

Another easy and efficient way is to consider and using CFL bulbs in all light fixtures. These CFL lights normally consume 75% less energy than generally used traditional bulbs. Huge energy saving is marked here. CFLs also emit less heat (75%) than the traditional ones. So you can also save on your cooling costs.

You can also consider installing a customized thermostat. These days, most buyers want to see thermostats that are programmable, and they are able to save you money.

If you require replacing the hot water heater of your home, consider paying a bit more to buy a high-efficiency water-heater. Expert home buyers know it well that the water heaters can really fit energy bills

3. Upgrade Windows to Energy-Efficient.

Buyers, now-a-days, are considering energy efficiency of the items or appliances for their homes for home. You can expect to get back 60%-90% of your invest in energy-efficient windows for your home. Energy efficient windows estimates that the average cost of window replacement an considerable amount. When your windows save you a good amount a year, you can ultimately recover your investment.

4. Adding a New Room Creatively.

Adding more area to your home with a new room would be extremely expensive project. Reinventing the existing area in your home can save your money.

  • You can finish a basement, or convert the attic into a bedroom.
  • Consider making a small room over the garage.

Think the following attempting:

  • Potential buyers normally look for versatile rooms;
  • Basements are convenient for second living rooms, or game space. Small apartment for tenant or an aging relative can also be considered.
  • Attic areas are often well for craft rooms and gaming rooms high ceilings.

5. Your Kitchen in New Look with Added Value.

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and so, updates in the kitchen bring good results. You can expect to regain 60%-120% of your investment by remodeling your kitchen. You should not make your kitchen much appealing than the rest part of the house, or the neighboring homes.
modern kitchen

  • No Investment in a Deluxe Kitchen
    • The large kitchen, like the size of your living room can give look like a restaurant kitchen. The quality, style and size of the kitchen don’t just go with the rest of the house.
    • Before remodeling, you should keep in your mind the buyers in mind of you have a plan to sale the home in near future.
  • Plan your paint.
    • The color and look of the kitchen is important. Fresh modern color paint can make very good impression to your kitchen. You can choose relatively cheap paint.
    • Make your kitchen eco-friendly so to avoid breathing dangerous,- off-gas from paint.
  • Energy-Efficient Appliance. Kitchen appliance should be energy-efficient for better environment and saving money.

6. An Extra Bathroom is a Necessity.

Is there only one bathroom at your home? Then you can plan adding another that can recoup a large amount of your investment.

  • Underutilized spaces like closets, area under stairs maybe considered.
  • For half-bath, you need minimum 18 square feet.
  • For full bath, at least 30 square feet is needed.
  • For your kids, you can attach swings to the rafters for creating nice play room.

7. A Deck is Simply Desired at Your Home.

Adding a deck to your home increases the value of it. With this the outdoor living spaces become more attractive and desirable; especially when more people reside home for vacation. When you get your deck and backyard more engaging, your home will be more attractive to prospective clients if you decide to sell. You can recoup 65%-90% of your investment by adding such a deck.

The cost involving adding a deck to your house varies usually depending on the size, shapes, design and materials used.

There is chance of huge amount to get back from adding a deck; but the deck construction isn’t that easy. Specific tools are needed and those tools are quite expensive too. Tools such as bandsaw is needed,

For hiring a contractor, you should shop around, collect at least three quotes with their specifications, interview them and decide. Reference check is recommended.

8. Monitor Maintenance of Your Home.

Some basic updates will add the great value to your home.

  • Keeping the paint fresh
  • Fixing the roof if it leaks
  • Replacing wood when rots
  • Removing mold when it is found

These sorts of actions will keep your home space from deteriorating over long time. Smart and savvy buyers expect a well maintained healthy, safe, solid home for making a purchase decision.

If you replace the old electric wiring in your home, repaint outside nicely, replace the faulty plumbing, and repaint the interior, your home will look outstanding.

These projects will keep your home in tip-top condition so that when you decide to sell again buyers will take it as a well-cared-for home.